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TBTG Sub-Awards

Atlanta University Center
The Atlanta University Center (AUC) is the nation’s largest contiguous consortium of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  The AUC institutions consist of Clark Atlanta University, Interdenominational Theological Center, Morehouse College, and Spelman College and share the use of a single library: Atlanta University Center Woodruff Library.  The Atlanta University Center will redesign Social Problems and Global Issues (SOC 103) a popular lower-level course that examines major issues confronting society.  The project will replace the McGraw-Hill Connect textbook: Social Problems and the Quality of Life, 14th Edition, by Robert H. Lauer and Jeanette C. Lauer which costs $100 per student with a low-cost or free alternative including OER. The academic librarian will support the faculty member in the course redesign in several ways, including assisting with finding materials, exploring various platforms, Blackboard compatibility, developing a rubric based on learning outcomes to evaluate open education materials, and offering technical support for adaptation. The librarian will also create a LibGuide to support the course, introduce additional content, and organize materials for ease of access.

Bennett College
Bennett College is a private, four-year liberal arts, historically black college for women.  This project will redesign PO 102, Introduction to United States Government, to replace the existing commercial textbook with the OpenStax resource, American Government 2e.  Introduction to United States Government was chosen for this project because it is one of the General Education courses offered in the political science program, all of which are popular courses for first year students and one which has a solid enrollment requiring no prerequisite. The academic librarian will identify electronic and physical resources currently available, and other resources that the college might purchase. Moreover, the librarian will provide an introductory session for the students at the beginning of the semester that will enhance their ability to do research in the library on US Government.

Florida Agriculture and Mechanical (A&M) University
Florida A&M University is a public historically black university located in Tallahassee, Florida. The Department of History and Political Science will pursue a department-wide adoption of open educational resources in lieu of using textbooks for the freshman level African American History courses.  This project will entail the complete course-redesign for all sections of AMH 2091 – Introduction to African American History, to replace the existing commercial textbook with a low-cost or free alternative.  The academic librarian will assist with locating open educational resources, create a library course guide in conjunction with the syllabus that links reading and research materials according to the outline. She will also provide students with electronic versions of supplemental e-books required for the course and assist the faculty with designing the online course in Canvas (LMS platform).

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Lincoln University is a state-related, historically black university near Oxford, Pennsylvania. This project will redesign COM 200, Introduction to Mass Communications, to replace the existing commercial textbook with open educational resources.  The academic librarian will create an Introduction to Mass Communications LibGuide to supplement the course.

Miles College
Miles College is a private historically black liberal arts college in Fairfield, Alabama. This project will redesign EN 101, English Composition I, to replace the existing commercial textbook, which costs $27, with a free alternative, including open educational resources.  The rationale for selecting English Composition I (EN 101) is because this particular course is a general education requirement for all students, regardless of the selected major. The academic librarian will serve as the chief academic researcher for identifying suitable open educational resources for the course.

St. Philip’s College
St. Philip’s College (SPC) is a two-year, comprehensive, historically black college located in San Antonio, Texas. The project will redesign Humanities 1315, Fine Arts Appreciation to replace the existing textbook with open educational resources.   Humanities 1315 Fine Arts Appreciation course was chosen because it is a course in the fine arts core for the state of Texas, and currently employs a textbook of substantial cost for SPC students. While some of St. Philip’s other Humanities courses have moved to e-books or other online instructional materials to reduce costs to students, the textbook used for HUMA 1315 Fine Arts Appreciation does not offer that option.  Currently, the textbook used for the course cost students $154.66 to $170.62 depending on whether students purchase or rent the textbook.   The project will redesign this course to replace the textbook with open educational resources.

Tennessee State University
Tennessee State University is a public and historically black land-grant university located in Nashville, Tennessee.  This project will redesign HIST 2020, American History II.  Currently, students are required to use Nancy Hewitt and Steven Lawson’s Exploring American Histories (Macmillan Publishers), which retails at $110. Students receive both a hard copy and access to the eBook.  The project will replace the existing textbook with online archival material including The Library of Congress, Documenting the South, The Wilson Center, Proquest Congressional, Jet Magazine archives, Lyndon B. Johnson’s Presidential Library War on Poverty Archives, Chronicling America, Digital Public Library of America, the Duke University Collection of American Indian Oral History, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute.

Trenholm State Community College
H. Councill Trenholm State Community College is a comprehensive two-year community college located in Montgomery, Alabama.  Principles of Biology I (BIO 103) is an introductory course for both science and non-science majors taught at Trenholm State Community College. As a result of this project, BIO 103 will be redesigned to replace the existing commercial textbook with open educational resources (OER).  The use of OER in BIO 103 will provide cost savings for approximately 100 students a year. With the current commercial text cost of $200, this would equate to a combined savings of approximately $20,000 for our students over a year.

Prairie View Agriculture and Mechanical University
Prairie View A&M University is a public, historically black, land-grant university located in Prairie View, Texas.  The project will redesign BIOL 113, College Biology to replace the commercial textbook with open educational resources.  BIOL 1113, College Biology, is a core curriculum course is the highest enrollment course at the university with more than 900 students enrolling each academic year.  The academic librarian will create a repository of aggregated open educational resources that support various topics covered during the Fall and Spring semester.  The repository will be developed within the Learning Management System.

South Carolina State University
South Carolina State University is a public, historically black, land-grant university located in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  This project will redesign H250 History of World Civilization: Beginnings – 1450.  The course is a general education course required for all students at the university, regardless of their intended major.  A survey of students in spring 2020 revealed that 85% of students did not buy the course textbook which is priced at $98.25 to $130.75 in the university bookstore.  The project will replace the current textbook with open educational resources and other no-cost resources available through the university library.  The faculty member will serve as the project content expert to assure that the revised materials continue to meet the core objectives of the Department of Social Sciences-History and course student learning outcomes.  The academic librarian will serve as the project research expert in order to locate low or no-cost resources for each of the course learning modules identified by the faculty member.

Texas Southern University
Texas Southern University is a public historically black university located in Houston, Texas. The project will redesign CS 116, Introduction to Computer to replace the existing commercial course materials with open educational resources.  CS 116 enrolls approximately 200 students per term during the academic year.  The academic librarian will be responsible for identifying open educational materials and the development of customized resources.

University of the Virgin Islands
The University of the Virgin Islands is a public, historically black university located in the United States Virgin Islands.  The project will redesign ENG 261, World Literature I, to replace the existing textbook which costs $122.66 per student, with free or low-cost alternatives including open educational resources.  ENG 261 is a required course for students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree is offered as an elective for students in other disciplines.  Approximately 180 students enroll courses each year. The academic librarian will search and identify potential open educational resources based on the curriculum and preferences provided by the faculty member.

The HBCU Academic Librarians Open Educational Resources project is designed to promote college affordability through the training of academic librarians to become advocates of Open Education Resources initiatives at their respective institutions.

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