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About Project

Textbook prices have increased 88% over the last decade, averaging about $1,250 a year per student at four-year public colleges.The cost of textbooks and other course materials present barriers to the completion of a college education. Congress and other leaders consider Open Educational Resources (OER) as one solution to promoting college affordability. Studies have shown that over 90% students do as well or better in open textbook courses as compared to courses using traditional textbooks. As institutions that serve a large proportion of students that come from low-income families, Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCUs) are at the forefront of college affordability.

The HBCU Academic Librarians Open Educational Resources project is designed to promote college affordability through the training of academic librarians to become advocates of Open Education Resources initiatives at their respective institutions. The project consists of three major components: A Summit on Open Educational Resources, Textbook Transformation Grants, Webinar series and a project website.

Empowering HBCU academic librarians to become advocates for Open Educational Resources initiatives.


3 Simple Focuses

Empower librarians with knowledge and skills to become advocates for free and low-cost textbooks and serve as resources at their institutions for finding, adopting, and adapting free and affordable content.
Introduce librarians to best practices for the development, maintenance, and sustainability of an OER initiative on their respective campuses
Enable librarians to become more knowledgeable of the OER curation process.

Advisory Board

Mary Jo Fayoyin, M.S.L.S.

Retired Dean, Library Services
Savannah State University

William Cross

Director, Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center
North Carolina State University Libraries
North Carolina State University

Lena Pinkston, M.R.

Instructor & Program Coordinator
South Carolina State University
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Faye Watkins

Dean of University Libraries
Florida A&M University

Lisa Petrides, Ph.D

CEO and Founder
Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME)

Audrey McCrary-Quarles, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Health Education
South Carolina State University

Nicole Starr Allen

Director of Open Education

Jennifer Cash, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Biological and Physical Sciences
South Carolina State University

Monika Rhue Nooma

HBCU Library Alliance Board Chair
Director of Library Services and Curation
Johnson C. Smith University

Amy Trepal

Shared Content & Licensing Librarian Coordinator, SCALE Affordable Learning Task Force
South Carolina PASCAL

Project Staff

Dr. Ruth A. Hodges

Principal Investigator
Interim Dean
Miller F. Whittaker Library
South Carolina State University

Ms. Katrina Washington-Conner

Program Assistant
South Carolina State University

Dr. Diane M. Burnette

Co-Principal Investigator and Executive Director
Center for Online and Distance Education
South Carolina State University

Mr. Roodgery Rosemberg

Digital Media Designer
South Carolina State University

Mrs. Cathi Mack

Project Director
Miller F. Whittaker Library
South Carolina State University

Dr. Reginald H. Williams

Assistant Professor
Project Evaluator
Department of Education
South Carolina State University

Textbook Transformation Grants

Textbook transformation grants are awarded to HBCU librarian-faculty teams to work collaboratively to increase the number of General Education courses offered by HBCUs that use free textbooks instead of traditional publisher material. The grant will support the redesign of one General Education course to replace a traditional textbook with a low-cost or no-cost course materials including open education resources. Only faculty and librarians from HBCUs represented at the February 10-11, 2020 HBCU Academic Librarian OER Summit are eligible to apply for the grant.  Please refer to the application materials for additional eligibility requirements.

The application materials are available below. Please review the application information and eligibility requirements prior to submitting an application. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on campus operations, the deadline for applications has been extended to April 15, 2020, 5:00 PM EST..

Textbook Transformation Grant Information Webinar
Click HERE to view the recorded webinar (20 minutes).  Please note that the timelines described in the webinar have been revised.  Refer to the timeline listed in the application and eligibility document.

Textbook Transformation Grant Application and Eligibility Requirements
Download the application information and eligibility requirements HERE!

Textbook Transformation Grant Application Form
Download the application form HERE!

Textbook Transformation Grant Letter of Acknowledgment
Download the Letter of Acknowledgment HERE!

Email your questions regarding the Textbook Transformation Grants to:  In the subject line of the message enter: TBTG Question.


The project includes three webinars focusing on topics related to Open Educational Resources and provide more focused and in-depth training on specific aspects of OER.

Click below for the Grant Information Webinar.

  • DATE

    February 9-11, 2020

    Charleston, SC


    Stay Tuned

Summit on Open Educational Resources

A Summit on Open Educational Resources will be held February 9-11, 2020, Charleston, South Carolina.  The Summit provides training on Open Educational Resources (OER) that will empower and equip librarians with the knowledge to become advocates and leaders of the OER and affordable learning movement at their respective campuses. Librarian and faculty teams from public and private HBCUs will be invited to attend the Summit, devoted to professional development activities on OERs.

Download the summit program booklet HERE.

The following meals are included in the summit program:
Monday, February 10, 2020 – Breakfast and Lunch
Tuesday, February 11, 2020 – Breakfast

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